Tangent Zero is a security focused data center consulting company that provides services and solutions with a security focus regardless of project type. Our consultants are experts in architecting, designing and implementing corporate network solutions that encompass all elements of the network including LAN/WAN, Wireless Networking, Software Defined Networking as well as ancillary network services. Tangent Zero also provides value added reseller services for a select group of products.

Tangent Zero Consultants have over 40 years of experience working in all networking environments including multi-national enterprise, regulated environments in financial services and healthcare as well as smaller networks that may include only a handful of sites. Our consultants have capabilities in traditionally structured networks and less traditional networks that marry traditional cabled networks with wireless and software defined networking technologies. Additionally, we have capabilities with the supplementary network services such as load-balancing, wan-acceleration and service monitoring/logging.

  • Architecture
  • Networking Topologies
    • Traditional Networking
    • Wireless Networking
    • Network Virtualization
    • Network Services
      • SD WAN
      • Network Acceleration
      • Load Balancing
    • Monitoring and Logs
      • Application Performance Mon
      • Logging Application Awareness