Information Security and Technology Services

Strategic Services

Tangent Zero provides wholistic consulting services that include all aspects of your public and private data centers.


Private, Public, or Hybrid Cloud; it doesn’t matter to our team of highly trained experts. We can help you with your existing Cloud Infrastructure and help you migrate to your next.


Networks are the communication backbone of your company. Our consultants have years of experience with traditional networks as well as Software-Defined Networks.


Tangent Zero assists our clients with all aspects of security, from the creation of written security controls to implementation of technologies to enable those controls.

Who are we

A group of individuals that decided that the status quo needs to be changed
Integration of security from the start of the design

As an independent IT services specialist, we provide comprehensive solutions to individual problems, thus allowing our recommendations to be unbiased. Over the years, we have established many long standing relationships with all of our vendors, achieving the highest status within these organizations based on the level of expertise within our internal sales, support and professional services teams. These relationships ensure that we provide our customers with a “finger on the pulse” of the industry while maintaining vendor neutrality, all of which assist in our client’s on-going information systems programs.

  • Proactive Consulting

    Continuous improvement is a core tenant of all our consulting services. We can show you how to transform the implementation of technologies into a process that changes your business.

  • Proven Experience

    Our consultants have decades of successful experience in working with clients of all different sizes from all industry vertices.

  • Measureable Results

    We bring specialized expertise and knowledge to each client engagement and provide the leadership to take any project from strategy and planning to execution, delivering measurable results each time.